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We specialise in tax law and our expertise lies in seven core areas:

  • Challenging Tax Assessments and Penalties;
  • Tackling aggressive action by HMRC solicitors and Debt Management teams;
  • Appealing HMRC decisions to the tax tribunals;
  • Voluntary Disclosure of Fraud;
  • VAT and more general HMRC tax advice;
  • Providing specialist support in criminal investigations;
  • AWRS and WOWGR Applications;

We work across the UK – including Northern Ireland – and are one of the most respected companies in our field, with an extensive UK and international client base.

We have over 30 years experience in criminal and civil action taken in the Tribunal, Crown Court, High Court and European Court of Justice. We also have consultants with experience in HMRC investigations and the “Big 4” accountancy services. Our skills are extensive and we can provide advice on topics including criminal/civil defence cases, money laundering, HMRC conflicts and compensation claims.

Please see the list below for a few examples of past instructions. Where relevant, we only instruct barristers who have significant experience in the case at hand and who provide value for money. Our previous extensive use of barristers, in varying work areas, means we can source those with the knowledge of case law relevant to your specific needs.

Previous Instructions

This is in no way a definitive list, but gives a flavour of the extensive experience you will employ when engaging CTM:

  • Appeals to the First-Tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal regarding denial of input tax, zero rating of exports, country of origin, assessments for VAT/Anti-Dumping Duty, invalid invoices, surcharge penalties, Notice of Requirement to Give Security and invalid invoicing, plus many more.
  • High Court litigation involving the defence of claims brought by a liquidator against previous directors/shadow directors for fraudulent, wrongful trading and breach of duty.
  • Seeking Judicial Review of HMRC practices, again, in the High Court.
  • Acting as expert witnesses in criminal VAT Cases.
  • Disclosing Swiss bank accounts to HMRC.
  • Seeking an injunction in the High Court to prevent an HMRC winding up petition being advertised.
  • Providing due diligence advice to metal and electronic traders.
  • Code of Practice 9 investigations.
  • Claims of “misdirection” due to HMRC providing incorrect advice.
  • Criminal prosecutions involving VAT, Excise and other tax frauds.
  • Early disclosure of fraud to HMRC in order to avoid prosecution.
  • Appeals to the Tribunal to obtain restoration of seized excise goods and vehicles.
  • Appealing decisions to deny input tax to house builders and converters under the DIY Builders Schemes.
  • Negotiating ‘Time to Pay’ arrangements for clients having difficulties with HMRC debts/arrears.
  • Appealing assessments and penalties raised as a consequence of HMRC ‘Code Of Practice’ investigations.

Our Core Values

CTM’s ethos is simply to provide real value for money and to leave each client feeling fully satisfied with our service. We achieve this through our 4 core values:

  1. Great Service – We pride ourselves in our ability to not only achieve excellent results for our clients, but to also work quickly, ensure that we speak in plain English and to make ourselves available to discuss each case when it suits our clients. We also provide an initial assessment of every case free of charge so that you fully understand what can, and cannot, be achieved. We can then discuss a variety of options to ensure our fees provide value for money, such as fixed or capped fee arrangements.
  2. High Standards – Our success speaks for itself and we are able to maintain high standards because we only employ experienced, motivated staff and only specialise in legal tax matters; we do nothing else. By focusing on this area, we are always able to know how best to manage an HMRC dispute or Tribunal appeal and what the relevant case law is.
  3. Professional Team – Our internal structure ensures that the professionalism of our staff is monitored by the partners and directors and does not fall short of what is expected. We provide accurate, honest advice so our clients can make an informed decision as to whether to dispute an HMRC decision, or whether to reach a settlement.
  4. Forever Learning – Our staff are highly skilled, but we ensure that we are always up to date with HMRC procedure, new legislation and relevant caselaw. In fact, we only employ staff who have a desire to keep learning.

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