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HMRC Furlough Investigations and Compliance Checks

There is a tendency for some to over complicate the issues surrounding furlough payments.

There are various rules that businesses must follow that are enshrined in law. If the law is not followed, HMRC can claw back money incorrectly paid out, issue substantial penalties in all cases and even prosecute for the larger, more obvious frauds.

However, how we approach furlough investigations and disputes is no different to how we approach general tax disputes and investigations. We look at the facts of each case, apply the law and advise our clients on a course of action to achieve the best outcome.

How CTM can assist you

  1. Where there have been furlough payments claimed in error, we can assist with providing mitigating factors to either substantially reduce the inevitable penalty, or remove it all together.
  2. Where businesses have deliberately claimed furlough payments (and HMRC have discovered this), there is still scope to substantially reduce the penalty and also to remove any risk of prosecution.
  3. Where businesses have deliberately claimed furlough payments and would rather disclose this before an HMRC enquiry, we can submit a disclosure report to ensure no prosecution and a much-reduced penalty.
  4. Where a business is in dispute with HMRC because of the parties different interpretation of the law, or because HMRC’s errors or advice caused the incorrect claim, these can be challenged through internal appeals or through the Tribunal, if necessary.

The method by which we analyse each furlough case is just like any tax investigation or dispute and we have a high rate of success across the board.

Whatever the issue you have regarding furlough, the sooner you contact us the better the outcome will be.

Please feel free to contact the director that heads the Furlough Investigation Team directly using the details below.

Liban Ahmed 0345 557 0005 or 07738 666548 or liban@ctmlaw.co.uk