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Appealing HMRC decisions to Tribunal

A great deal of our time is spent appealing HMRC decisions to the First Tier Tax Tribunal or the Upper Tribunal; it is our speciality. This may be in relation to any VAT or wider tax matter, whether personal or business. We appear in both small and complex cases in all Tribunals, including Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, Birmingham, London and Manchester. We operate nationwide.

It is vital to seek early, specialist advice (preferably even before the formal decision is made) as, very often, the chances of success are reduced because of mistakes made at an early stage.

The Tribunal appeal system is fair and straightforward, but relies heavily on case law, i.e. the results of previous, similar cases. At CTM, we do not take a penny in fees until we have shown you the chances of success and this will include providing you with a copy of a similar case that has already been through the Tribunal system.

On almost all occasions, we offer fixed fees so that you know exactly how much the process is going to cost and when payments are required. The appeal process usually takes between 9-12 months and payments can be spread throughout this period. Once an appeal is lodged, any attempt by HMRC to recover the debt will be suspended and this often provides some well-earned breathing space. We take HMRC head-on and do not allow clients to be bullied by aggressive tactics.