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Winding Up Petitions

HMRC solicitors and Debt Management Units are acting much more aggressively in recent months and almost relish the opportunity of winding up a company whether it can repay VAT/PAYE arrears, or not.

We have a 100% record of preventing HMRC solicitors winding up companies that are profitable, or will soon be profitable. We are specialists in reversing such action, delaying matters and re-negotiating time to pay, which allows a company to get back on its feet. Companies need to act quickly, though, as, once the action has commenced, it will be reported in the London Gazette and the banks may automatically freeze all business accounts.

For more information on the law and HMRC guidance, please click on the following link, or call or email either Liban Ahmed ( or Allan Brown ( if you wish to discuss in more detail AWRS or WOWGR.

Free PDF concerning AWRS Law