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VAT Penalties & Assessments

At CTM we are experienced VAT and tax specialists who have a proven track record in challenging HMRC Officers, solicitors and Debt Management Units on behalf of businesses and individuals.

“Our early involvement is often essential”.

We can advise on any matter involving penalties and tax assessments and will, where possible, provide you with fixed fee arrangements so that you know exactly what the costs will be to challenge HMRC.

Our skills also lie in negotiating HMRC debts, appeals to the Tax Tribunal, attending VAT visits and simply building bridges between businesses and HMRC. If HMRC Officers are acting unreasonably, we respond quickly and robustly to their very often aggressive tactics.

It is also very common for the amounts said to be owed to HMRC to be totally incorrect, or for Officers to have simply misunderstood the facts and therefore issued assessments and/or penalties that should not have been imposed.