COP9 Procedure

COP9 disclosures are there for those who have committed fraud and want to reach agreement with HMRC that they will ‘confess all’ in return for not being prosecuted.

It is misunderstood by many that this disclosure mechanism can only be applied if the amount of tax owed can be repaid in full. If you have no funds at all, you can still apply for a COP9 disclosure facility.

With Coronavirus related issues taking up much of HMRC’s resources, HMRC are choosing to prosecute much fewer people than they would normally.

If you have committed fraud, it is advisable to apply for a COP9 – you don’t have to wait for it to be offered to you. And, by applying yourself for a COP9 disclosure, you substantially reduce the amount of penalties that will be imposed.

The only condition for acceptance, is that you must disclose all fraud committed and not just the one you believe HMRC know about. HMRC will conduct a thorough investigation into all your personal and business finances over many years and, if it is discovered that you have hidden another fraud, they can withdraw from the agreement and prosecute.

We are constantly involved in such disclosures, so please call and we can discuss the best path for you and explain how we can assist.

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