HMRC Time to Pay Arrangements

Getting HMRC to agree to time to pay arrangements for tax debts, or trying to negotiate a smaller amount of tax to pay over time, can be taxing in itself. HMRC need to see clear evidence that you cannot pay back the tax debt straightaway, but they also need to be sure that you can actually pay the tax debt back within the period requested.

This is our bread and butter and we routinely provide HMRC with a clear picture of your financial position and negotiate with their Debt Management teams either time to pay the tax or an amount that is less than owed. HMRC Debt Management teams are very familiar with CTM and often agree to proposals put forward by us.

However, HMRC are overly aggressive and work on the principle that, by being as threatening as they can at the start, this will result in more tax being recouped. They effectively scare you into action with threats of imminent Bankruptcy, or company Winding up Petitions.

Our services can be utilised through time to pay arrangements at any point, but the job is much easier if tackled earlier. You tend to only get one shot at putting the right offer forward, so it is worth putting the time and effort to get it right.

Please call us for an initial discussion so that we can advise you on the likely outcome and how we will be able to enhance the prospects of success.

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